Practice Improvement Framework: Equipping behaviour support staff

The Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI) is working with NSW Ageing Disability and Home Care (ADHC) to implement a new framework for improving work practices and equipping staff within their behaviour support services and across the non-government sector.

The Practice Improvement Framework was proposed by ADHC’s Clinical Innovation and Governance Unit. It is a guide to delivering and evaluating professional development and training activities, consisting of five key learning modules supported by work practice supervision.

CEI is working closely with the ADHC’s Statewide Intervention Behaviour Service to plan and test the framework’s implementation into the non-government sector in both metropolitan and rural test sites. The goal is to successfully implement the full framework into this sector.

Commenced in 2016, this project will follow four steps:

  1. Create implementation teams, accountability structures, and site selection
  2. Build an implementation plan, and prepare the test sites for implementation
  3. Test and adapt implementation methods through the field trial
  4. Create and adapt materials, guides, and tools for further implementation of the framework within the non-government sector

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