Applying the science of implementation in practice

The Clinical Innovation and Governance unit of NSW Ageing Disability and Home Care (ADHC) has proposed the Practice Improvement Framework (PIF) as one of the long-term systemic solutions to improve work practice in specialist behaviour support. The PIF is a guide for the delivery and evaluation of training, work practice support, supervision, knowledge and skills acquisition and professional development for staff across behaviour support services within ADHC and across the non-government sector.

Statewide Intervention Behaviour Service (SIBS) has engaged CEI to assist in the planning and testing of effective implementation methods to transition the PIF into the NGO sector with both metropolitan and rural test sites in NSW.
The goal is to enable the full and effective implementation of PIF achieving outcomes as intended.

This project began in early 2016 and is being executed in a series of steps:

  • Creating implementation teams, accountability structures and site selection
  • Getting the test sites ready for implementation and building an implementation plan
  • Testing and adapting implementation methods through the field trial
  • Adapting and creating materials, guides and tools for further implementation of PIF within the NGO sector