The menu: a resource for improving Victoria family services

CEI is working with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to develop a menu of evidence-informed programs and practices that can inform decisions within the state’s family and children’s services.

The menu will document interventions that are proven to improve the lives of children and families. This may include early intervention, child protection, out-of-home care and leaving care. The menu can then be used to inform service delivery decisions made by DHHS and the Victorian service sector.

This resource is one of the commitments outlined by the Roadmap for Reform: Strong Families, Safe Children, a key part of the Victorian Government’s response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence. The roadmap highlights pressures and challenges faced by the Victorian family and children’s service system and sets out the directions and first steps for reform.

We will be providing recommendations and guidance on:

  • The scope and structure of the menu, including:

- A standard definition of evidence-informed practice

- How programs and practices are identified, submitted, read and reviewed (including rating scales)

  • How to implement the menu in the Victorian service system

To complete this work, CEI will draw on reviews of existing menus in Australia and overseas, as well as insights from consultations with the Victorian Government, service sector stakeholders and global experts in evidence synthesis, evidence translation and implementation science.