Evidence Gap Map: Do out-of-home care services work?

The Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI) is working with the Department of Family and Community Services of the NSW Government to develop an Evidence Gap Map (EGM) for out-of-home care services.

EGMs provide visual overviews of existing evidence and help to pinpoint any gaps in knowledge. For this project, the EGM specifically explores existing and missing evidence for effective out-of-home care services.

By creating this map, CEI intends to:

  • Visualise what we know – and what we do not know – about out-of-home-care, based on best current evidence
  • Highlight how out-of-home care services affect child health, well-being and development

Once completed, the map can be used to strengthen foster care, adoption, adolescent residential care, and family support services in NSW. It can help policymakers and practitioners create improved policies and programs for supporting families and the community, and spark future research in areas where more evidence is needed.

The EGM is being developed in partnership with the University of Melbourne’s School of Health Sciences.