Anna Williamson PhD


Dr Anna Williamson is a behavioural scientist with over 20 years’ experience in health research and evaluation and high-level expertise in knowledge translation and implementation science. She has led the development and implementation of projects employing a range of methodologies including cohort studies, complex interventions, qualitative research, linked data analysis, evaluation and psychometrics. Much of her work has focussed on generating and translating the evidence needed to inform policies, programs and services designed to improve the wellbeing of people experiencing adversity. She has a special interest in mental health and social and emotional wellbeing and has conducted a large body of work in this area, including many projects conducted in partnership with Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services. She also has high-level expertise in implementation science. Of note, she directed the Centre for Informing Policy in Health with Evidence from Research (CIPHER), an NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence which created a range of tools and methods now widely used internationally.

Most recently, Anna led the Sax Institute’s innovation function, developing new assets and services to further the Institute’s mission of supporting the use of evidence in policies, programs, and services. Before joining the Institute, Anna was National Manager, Research and Evidence at a national mental health NGO. Anna is committed to supporting decision makers and services to use evidence to improve health and wellbeing and is pleased to be joining CEI in this work.