Apr 27, 2020

Developing an implementation science-based evaluation toolkit for domestic and family violence workers

Enhancing the likelihood critical frontline workers engage with, use, and benefit from evaluation

Putting an evaluation and monitoring system into practice can be just as challenging as implementing a program. A poor system will result in data gaps and insufficient information to support decision making, while a strong system can be used to continuously improve initiatives and deliver widespread benefit. CEI is working with The Healing Foundation, a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation, and ANROWS (Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety) to develop an implementation science-based evaluation toolkit for WorkUP - the Queensland Domestic and Family Violence Workforce Capacity and Capability Building initiative.

Our role is to develop an evaluation plan for WorkUP based on the RE-AIM framework, an evaluation and planning tool that focuses on essential program elements to improve the sustainable adoption and implementation of effective, generalisable, evidence-based interventions. We will also develop a longer-term evaluation and monitoring strategy, and provide support for the first wave of quantitative data collection across the sector. The lynchpin of this work is the evaluation toolkit – a resource that will detail strategies to support implementation of the evaluation with sector staff and agencies. Specific emphasis on implementation strategies - such as consensus-building workshops, incentives, training, technical and data system support - will enhance the likelihood domestic and family violence workers engage with, use, and benefit from evaluation.

CEI is currently working with Healing Foundation to scope the workforce initiatives and will continue to work with key stakeholders on evaluation planning and design through the COVID-19 restriction period. The project runs until February 2021 when WorkUP will have the first round of evaluation and monitoring data on their workforce capacity- and capability-building initiative.