Jun 6, 2018

Intermediaries – helpers in the uptake of evidence in practice and policy

The publishers of the journal developing practice recently invited CEI to be the editor of a special issue on ‘intermediaries’.

Positioned across practice, policy and research, intermediaries are organisations that occupy a brokering role in which they constantly translate, transport and transfer best evidence across these three systems. This work is not a straight forward process and provides interesting challenges, as reflected in the contributions to this special issue.

Contributions include a mapping of intermediaries in Australia conducted by Queensland University. Multiple case studies then illustrate what intermediaries do and introduce the work of Evidence for Learning, the SAX Institute and U.S.-based Centers of Excellence. Finally, Wanslea and the Parenting Research Centre provide practice-based reflections on what it means to work with an intermediary in real world service settings. You can access the journal through this website.