Nov 30, 2020

November 2020 newsletter

The challenges and disruptions presented by the Covid-19 pandemic this year make the need for good evidence and effective implementation even clearer: policymakers and practitioners can't afford to waste time or precious resources on initiatives that don't work.

CEI continues to leverage high-calibre research methods and world-class science in a pragmatic, cost-effective way, enabling institutions to make smarter, data-driven decisions and investments that can improve lives more quickly and for less money.

For example, an independent multi-year review we collaboratively undertook has culminated in a major report published this month, delivering important findings and recommendations that will guide the future direction of the Homeless Youth Assistance Program in New South Wales, Australia. We have also now completed a rigorous evidence review with Wellcome Trust on the effectiveness of problem-solving interventions for adolescents and young adults experiencing depression. And planning for the Evidence and Implementation Summit 2021 continues, with the program now in development.

We share details about these and other activities in our newsletter this month.