Project GEMS: Getting evidence moving in schools

CEI is working with Evidence For Learning on a three-year project that aims to improve both the way that research is used in Australian schools and how schools’ use of evidence is researched.

Project GEMS aims to address the imbalance between the strong desire of educators to use high quality, relevant research and the practical difficulties in accessing and implementing it in practice. It will explore the key characteristics of evidence use in schools by investigating the experiences of schools participating in a selection of professional learning models in Victoria and New South Wales.

CEI has been engaged by Evidence For Learning to implement the research framework developed specifically for Project GEMS by Monash University. This will involve carrying out fieldwork in approximately 30 schools, and reporting on findings in a user-friendly way.

The output of Project GEMS – both the Monash University framework for evaluating evidence as well as an insights paper prepared by CEI on the lessons that emerge from the project – will be made freely available by Evidence for Learning, in order to improve the broader education sector’s understanding of the effectiveness of the use of research evidence and to pave the way to identify and address enablers and barriers for future work in this area.