Education Endowment Foundation: making a difference in our classrooms

Having research that explores how best to improve the educational achievements of students is vitally important. However, working out how educators put that research into practice is what will really make a difference in schools.

With that in mind, the UK’s Education Endowment Foundation came to CEI with a challenge: help create a practical, user-friendly, guide to good implementation practice for schools.

The EEF knew they had a wealth of research and knowledge about improving educational outcomes for students in primary and secondary schools. They also knew that schools have a collective desire to continually do better for children and young people. However, there were no tools to help schools, teachers and principals successfully implement change in order to maximise the chances of success.

CEI worked closely with the EEF to explore how practitioners best access the existing knowledge, evidence and research available to them, and then successfully transfer it into practice in education settings. Essentially, we used best current evidence on how to implement research in educational practice in classrooms and schools.

The result is this handy, easy-to-understand, guide that is being used by schools in the U.K. and beyond. It helps demystify the professional practice of selecting good evidence, embedding it into routine practice and using it to guide schools’ improvement decisions.

Drawing on our strong implementation science expertise, CEI worked for the guide to focus on strategies that help the uptake and success of proven practices in education - in a way that practitioners can understand and action, truly bringing evidence to life.