Enabling evidence-based change in Singapore

The Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI) provided implementation science training and consultation to the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), Singapore.

Over the course of a two-year period, CEI has developed, and implemented, a training and consultation plan with the Implementation Science Unit (ISU), a unit of the Clinical and Forensic Psychology Service (CFPS) in MSF.

The training has equipped government staff to implement evidence-based strategies that support the key ministry goal: to nurture resilient individuals, strong families and a caring society in Singapore.

The plan combined theoretical education with individual and team development activities. The purpose was to enable the ISU team to become leading experts in the implementation of clinical programs within MSF and the social service sector.

CEI’s training and consultation was:

  • Tailored: Content was specifically designed to build on the team’s competencies in providing implementation support, and took into account specific challenges posed by the different projects
  • Interactive: A mixture of group-based phone consultations and face-to-face training was used.
  • Evidence-based: Content and delivery was based on the latest insights from implementation science and practice.

These activities increased the team’s knowledge and capacity to provide implementation support to MSF’s programmes as well as its inter-agency projects.