Evidence for Learning: Getting to the bottom of good implementation in classrooms and schools

We know that the way educational programs are delivered in classrooms can differ from class to class. But what does the science say about how implementation can help deliver the best outcomes for primary and secondary school kids? CEI worked with Evidence for Learning to find out.

Evidence for Learning came to CEI wanting to understand what the research says about implementation science in education. Is implementation knowledge present in educational studies? If so, how is it used? And does implementation make a difference to educational outcomes?

CEI sourced educational studies from around the globe to investigate this query and conducted a scoping review.

Two things stood out from the review:

  • While there are indications in the literature that high quality implementation contributes to improved educational services – and therefore better student outcomes – the use of implementation science in education is still rare.
  • Only very few studies actually test, trial and compare the effectiveness of concrete implementation strategies.

This makes implementation in education a rich area for further investigation. While still emerging, CEI used its scoping study to provide Evidence for Learning with a detailed look at current best implementation knowledge to assist in embedding evidence in educational practice in Australia.