Pilot program: Assisting young adults with disabilities

CEI, in collaboration with key partners, is helping to facilitate a new pilot program for young adults with disabilities who require extra support.

The Multisystemic Therapy for Emerging Adults pilot program will adapt a similar therapy for young people with anti-social behaviour, and explore its effectiveness for people aged 16-26 with mild to moderate disability who require extra support.

The pilot program will focus on helping young adults with disability live their best lives. This will look different for each individual, and might include attending work or school, living independently with financial security, and building healthy relationships. It will engage support services to address any barriers to young adults living well. Barriers could include mental illnesses, substance use disorders and criminal behaviour. Ideally, the program will equip emerging adults with disability to live independently and sustainably on their own, with family or friends, in foster care, or in community-based group homes.

CEI is piloting this program in collaboration with Science to Practice and NSW Ageing Disability and Home Care.