Save the Children Australia - wellbeing in the Tiwi islands communities

Save the Children Australia Northern Territory (SCA NT) wanted its wellbeing program on the Tiwi Islands - aimed at keeping children aged 8-11 years engaged at school - to be as effective as possible.

Having already worked with CEI on a similar project in the Northern Territory, SCA NT understood how incorporating evidence-based practice and implementation techniques in program delivery could strengthen the program.

SCA NT was looking for a practical and accessible tool to outline key resources and specific examples of how to run successful wellbeing training programs for staff in the Tiwi Islands, to best support the young people they work with.

At the outset, CEI worked closely with SCA NT to develop a clear theory of change – looking at how what they’re doing will lead to what they want to achieve – through a detailed examination of the program and its goals.

This lead to SCA NT being able to strengthen the program through the inclusion of evidence informed practices.

In order to ensure that these evidence informed practices were implemented effectively, CEI developed a manual to be used by the staff delivering the program. The manual describes the specific skills and techniques that wellbeing program workers can refer to in enhancing student wellbeing in the classroom. This practical and user-friendly guide provided a way to embed the detailed framework for the enhanced wellbeing program into every day practice.