Evidence and Gap Map for Youth Endowment Fund

CEI is working with the Campbell Collaboration to develop an evidence and gap map for the Youth Endowment Fund (YEF) in the UK. Evidence and gap maps are a key approach to understanding the evidence in a particular area of practice. They use systematic approaches to identify the areas of practice where there is already a significant body of high-quality evidence, and those where there are gaps. The map will focus on evidence around interventions to reduce offending amongst 10-14-year old youths.

The project which will take a wide-framed approach and will involve consultation with policymakers, practitioners, commissioners and academics to ensure that the map reflects a cross section of need and the realities of practice. The project will also produce a number of summaries of the evidence in the areas where there is already a strong evidence base. YEF will use the map as a key resource going forward; it will inform the future directions that evidence reviews and evaluations take, and influence the production of an evidence portal.