Nesta: maximising the impact of "accelerating ideas"

Nesta is a global innovation foundation, based in the UK, and driven by the belief that innovation - the creation and adoption of new ideas – for the common good is the key to human prosperity. Nesta’s work involves funding a combination of practical programmes and research, including the Accelerating Ideas Initiative (AII). As part of AII, Nesta works together with the Big Lottery Fund to support eight promising ageing innovations aimed at providing opportunities for people to age well, be actively engaged in their communities and build stronger networks and ties with others.

To maximise the impact of the AII, Nesta wanted to ensure that its staff and grantees are equipped with the skills needed to accurately design, implement, monitor, measure and report on their innovations. In collaboration with the University of Melbourne and Family Psychology Mutual, CEI is providing flexible and responsive evaluation support to both Nesta staff and grantees involved in the AII. This support includes assisting in the design of (i) program logics; (ii) evaluations; (ii) approaches to routine data collection; (iv) strategies to demonstrate effectiveness, and (v) ways to advance across Nesta’s Standard of Evidence.

By supporting its staff and grantees to better understand, implement and monitor evidence, Nesta is maximising the impact generated by its substantial grant-making activities.