Who we are

We are a global team of research, policy and practice experts based in Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom, working with our clients – policy makers, governments, practitioners, program providers, organisation leaders and funders to:

  • Understand the evidence base
  • Develop methods and processes to put the evidence into practice
  • Trial, test and evaluate policies and programs to drive more effective decisions and deliver better outcomes

What we do

We work across three key areas:

Making sense of the evidence
We are experts in accessing, synthesising and analysing high quality research to provide insights into what the evidence says is effective.
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Effectively implementing evidence in practice
Evidence needs to be put into practice to make a difference. We use our expertise in implementation science to identify ways to increase the uptake of research findings into routine practice.
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Trialling, testing and evaluating
We use rigorous methods and tools to trial, test and evaluate policies, practice and programs to ensure they are delivering the best possible outcomes for the communities they serve
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Best evidence, best outcomes

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We work with policy makers, government, practitioners, program providers, organisation leaders and funders around the world.

The university of Newcastle

The university of Newcastle

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