Practice, program, and service design

Evidence-driven policies and practices support better outcomes for people and communities. 

CEI supports partner organisations to make sense of the research and to draw on it to inform practice, program, and service design that is evidence-based and effective. 

As part of this work, we help teams develop approaches that are rooted in the best evidence we have. We work to ensure that programs are well aligned to peoples' needs and draw on their lived experience. Our teams leverage the experience of practice experts who bring experience working with families and communities on the ground as social workers, psychologists, and youth workers. This ensures that we are able to match the best global research evidence with a firm grounding in what works in context, for real families, in ways that are appropriate and feasible for practitioners to implement.

CEI encourages our partners to integrate evaluation into these design and reform efforts to ensure that we are always testing and refining approaches to ensure we achieve outcomes for people facing adversity.