Our mission, purpose, and values

Our mission is to support the use of the best evidence in policy and practice to improve the lives of people facing adversity.

Worried mom takes ill daughter to free clinic

CEI is a for-purpose organisation. We exist to support the use of better evidence to improve life for children, families, and communities. We believe good evidence and effective implementation have the power to solve our most pressing social problems.

Our values underpin our work across geographies and guide how we work and who we work with. Our core values are:

  • Transparency. Our work is rigorous, robust and inclusive of many forms of evidence and data.
  • Partnership. We recognise that change only happens through collaboration and shared leadership.
  • Social justice. Equity is fundamental to everything we do. We aim to work meaningfully with the people who are at the centre of policies, programs, and services.
  • Connection. We understand that evidence needs to be matched, translated and interpreted in relation to contexts and systems.
  • Diversity. We honour diversity and equity, and we commit to advancing these values through our work, our partnerships, and how we recruit and develop our people.