Building cultures for evidence use

CEI develops skills and cultures within systems, organisations, teams, and networks to accelerate outcomes for people and their communities.

The research evidence is clear that organisational cultures that are oriented toward using research and approaches of continuous improvement and learning are more conducive to evidence use. Having the requisite skills and competencies to leverage evidence is also critical. 

A key part of our mission is to help build cultures for evidence use. To do this, CEI makes the case for using evidence well, leveraging our position in systems to convene dialogue and advance understanding and practice. We seek to use our influence to strengthen systems to enable and amplify evidence use, through promoting exchange between researchers, policymakers, innovators, practitioners, and communities, and pushing the frontiers of science and practice. We actively engage in education and capacity-building activities. CEI also hosts events and engages our network to help develop thinking and share practice in the global sector. 

Building cultures for evidence use

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    We harness events to share ideas and build networks that advance sector thinking and practice.

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