Evaluation design and delivery

We use rigorous methods to evaluate policies, practices, and programs.

CEI takes a tailored approach to evaluation because organisations have unique and diverse priorities, contexts, and service populations. We keep up to date with the global research literature and draw upon our deep experience and extensive networks to design robust, cutting-edge evaluation approaches and frameworks that answer our partners’ key evaluation questions. Our teams use a range of methods, bringing particular expertise in approaches that include evaluation of both the "what" (the intervention) and the "how" (its implementation), such as hybrid designs and measures of cost-benefit.

We are pragmatic evaluators, working with like-minded organisations in consortia, applying methods to context, and wherever possible using available information and data to measure the effectiveness of policies, practices, and programs compared with ‘business as usual’ operations.

While nearly every evaluation at CEI is different, each is underpinned by our commitment to the highest quality methods, rigour, and ethics. We are also committed to engaging policy-makers, practitioners, and communities meaningfully in the evaluation process and delivering actionable and strategic evaluation insights to our collaborators.