What it's like to work at CEI

CEI's supportive and progressive culture embraces social justice, exceptional quality standards, hard work, and fun.

You should consider joining our team if you want to be a part of a global movement for change. We are a values-driven, progressive organisation that aims to grow sustainably and responsibly, keeping our values at the heart of our work. CEI is also a learning organisation committed to professional development and growth for all team members. We want to support our teams to achieve their full potential for impact and to build their careers with CEI for the long term.

We are also a fast-growing and dynamic team where people can make a tangible impact. The right candidates will find CEI to be a highly motivational and energising environment, providing exposure to a wide range of ideas, opportunities, and global projects.

Evelyn, an Advisor in Singapore, described the variety of our work:

I am always motivated by the work we do; it never gets stale – from evidence synthesis to data analysis to capacity-building on implementation science, and in such a broad range of topics from early childhood development to mental health to philanthropy. Can’t ask for a better or more supportive team to work with either!  

Tamara, a Senior Advisor in Melbourne, noted the potential for CEI's work to help bridge the evidence to practice gap:

Over 15 years working as a community psychologist with vulnerable children and families in a range of settings, I encountered numerous barriers to being able to work effectively to enact meaningful, lasting change. When I came across CEI and started to understand Implementation Science, I was excited to discover see a way to bridge the evidence to practice gap and make a real difference in social services. I am thrilled to now be working in a dynamic, evidence-informed innovative organisation at the forefront of Implementation Science research and practice. I co-ordinate a number of projects in which we, design and deliver training, provide coaching, consult with the sector and collaborate on applied research reports that inform policy and improve evidence-informed practice.

India, a Project Coordinator in London, described CEI's culture of continuous learning:

CEI is a fantastic environment to cultivate new skills and engage with experts from across different sectors. And being part of the Ops Team has given me the opportunity to collaborate on projects across the whole of CEI, championing a culture of continual learning and ensuring our work is value driven and meaningful. I’m grateful to be part of such a multicultural, knowledgeable and open team. 

Jamie, an Advisor in London, described collaboration at CEI:

As an Advisor, I collaborate closely with colleagues across CEI to develop methods which we apply to challenging research questions, helping to draw out the insights from our work. It’s inspiring to work alongside colleagues with such a diverse range of specialisms who are unified by the desire to promote social change through high quality research. 

Michelle, a Senior Advisor in Sydney, described how CEI's work helps shape policy and practice:

Working in academia, we would always be looking for the rare opportunities to work with policymakers and translate high quality research into practice. At CEI, our expertise is sought to solve complex problems directly with and for the policy and practice environment. It’s great to see your work making a real and concrete difference with tangible outcomes for people. As a Senior Advisor, I lead a number of large projects across the organisation, supporting our partners to understand what the evidence says, how to undertake rigorous evaluations, and how to implement evidence in practice.

Fadhiilah, a Research Assistant and Project Coordinator in Singapore, shared her career journey at CEI:

CEI gave me my first exposure to the research field, and it has not stopped being a learning journey. I started as a Research Assistant and have now moved into a Project Coordination role. I help drive research activities, developing research tools and plans, and conducting both qualitative and quantitative research. I also coordinate projects, working with our collaborators and CEI’s team to organise and drive forward our work. My experience has taught me the importance of evidence-based evaluation. It is rewarding and meaningful to see how our work makes a difference in the communities involved.