Training and capacity building

CEI is committed to building up teams that have the skills to interpret and use evidence well.

The research literature tells us that a lack of knowledge and skills is a key factor preventing mobilisation of research. For CEI, building up our partners' capacity to leverage evidence is a key way we can help them to make impact. 

CEI works to build up capabilities for individuals and teams in using evidence well; about 25% of our projects include some training and capacity building components. We also run training and capacity building sessions for professionals and students, including through university courses, executive education, and short workshops and training sessions. 

Our approach varies depending on the needs and context of partner organisations. Training and capacity building are often a key part of our projects, including for example in our work on the Family Preservation and Reunification Response in Victoria, our recent work with UNICEF on workshops focused on implementation research, and our support to Sexual Violence Research Initiative to develop an online course focused on research uptake. 

We also help to coach up teams over time in how to embed evidence use, for example within philanthropy-focused teams, such as at Singapore's Octava Foundation. Often, we incorporate training and coaching to other projects, such as evaluations, to help embed skills for the long term.