CEI Nordic catalyses missions and partnerships to radically change current approaches to social challenges

Playful boy standing with arm around women. Happy mothers are looking at affectionate son. They are spending leisure time at home.

The Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, and Norway – are known globally for their well-functioning welfare states and are often cited as a model for other countries. Despite this, social inequalities are increasing across the region. The efforts made by governments, NGOs, foundations, and businesses are important, but are often fragmented and uncoordinated, and do not always deliver the desired outcomes.

The Nordic countries lack systematic, holistic, and sustainable approaches to addressing adversity and inequalities. CEI Nordic wants to radically change the way in which these challenges are approached. As a not for profit, for purpose organisation, CEI Nordic has a unique opportunity to gather stakeholders for a joint effort.

Our key approaches are mission- and partnership methodology. This involves collective cross-sector, bottom-up experimentation and system innovations. We bring key stakeholders together to create and deliver missions, based on the needs of all stakeholders involved.

CEI Nordic is based in Oslo, Norway and opened in 2022. We work closely with CEI’s global offices and multidisciplinary team of research, policy, and practice experts. CEI’s Associate Director, Professor Arild Bjørndal, and Senior Advisor Lise Corwin are building the organisation.


                        Professor Arild Bjørndal and Lise Corwin are developing CEI Nordic.