CEI Nordic works with philanthropic organisations, NGOs and local governments to change how social challenges are approached.

Playful boy standing with arm around women. Happy mothers are looking at affectionate son. They are spending leisure time at home.

The Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway – are known globally for their well-functioning welfare states and are often cited as a model for other nations. Despite this, social inequalities are increasing, and youth mental health is a real concern.

While important efforts are made by central and local governments and by NGOs and philanthropies, these are often scattered and uncoordinated and do not always deliver desired outcomes. The Nordic countries need more systematic, holistic and evidence-informed approaches to adversity and inequality.

CEI Nordic wants to change the way we approach these challenges.

As an independent, not-for-profit, for-purpose organisation, CEI Nordic presents a unique opportunity to bring stakeholders together in joint efforts.

We work with local communities to strengthen preventive and problem-oriented initiatives, and to evaluate outcomes. Our evidence-informed, user-oriented approach places special emphasis on systems improvement.

We champion a strengths-based approach to health promotion and preventive care for children and families. All communities, systems, services and professionals have strengths.

At CEI Nordic, we work with these inherent “assets” to develop globally evidenced, locally-based solutions.

Our current work

The local mission Kids first! is to improve outcomes for children. We’re evaluating existing services for children and families, and – together with local leaders – identifying holistic systems improvement.

Gleding is a Norwegian word for the many concrete ways we can make other people happy; it is the opposite of bullying. In our Gleding project, we work closely with World of Empathy to develop tools for kindergartens, schools, parents and kids that strengthen social and emotional learning.

CEI is dedicated to improving the effects and outcomes of philanthropic investment. We help organisations work in a more evidence-informed manner, to succeed with implementation, scaling, and evaluation. In Norway, we work with the Kavli Trust to avoid waste in research, for more effective investment in child mental health.

CEI Nordic team

CEI Nordic is based in Oslo, Norway, and opened in 2022. We work closely with CEI’s global offices and multidisciplinary team of research, policy, and practice experts.