Introduction to CEI

Better use of quality evidence can change lives. CEI works with partners globally to drive innovation in programs and services.

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CEI envisions a world where people can improve their lives through support that is equitable and effective.

We are a global, for-purpose evidence intermediary and advisory organisation dedicated to using the best evidence in practice and policy to improve the lives of people facing adversity.

Established in Australia in 2016, CEI is a multi-disciplinary team across five offices: London, Melbourne, Oslo, Singapore and Sydney. We've worked on more than 275 projects across nearly 20 countries.

We work with our partners including policymakers, governments, practitioners, program providers, organisation leaders and funders in four key areas of work:

  • Understanding and making sense of the evidence base.
  • Generating evidence through trialling, testing and evaluating policies, programs and services to drive more effective decisions and deliver better outcomes.
  • Applying research-informed implementation methods and processes to get high-quality evidence implemented and sustained in policy and practice.
  • Building cultures for evidence use.

Evidence-based decision making is only as good as the evidence it uses and how well that evidence is implemented. CEI:

  • Uses rigorous methods. CEI is committed to the use of high-quality scientific research, best practice and rigorous academic methods.
  • Is independent. Our work is unbiased, transparent and reliable.
  • Values collaboration. CEI brings strong networks within academia and draws on the expertise of a global network of collaborators.
  • Focuses on making change in the real world. We put a strong emphasis on using our skills in implementation science to strengthen the uptake of evidence.

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