Who we work with

CEI works with policy-makers, organisational leaders, funders and practitioners to improve lives.

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It can be hard to make change in complex systems. We know this from first-hand experience. That's why CEI looks to form long-term collaborations with our partners

CEI works with many kinds of organisations, from large global NGOs to local not-for-profits and Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisations, from city governments to Prime Minister's teams, from individual philanthropists to established institutional foundations.

We prioritise collaboration to deliver meaningful change, building partners' capacity to respond to complex challenges in using evidence well. Our partners include:


Who we work with


Policy-makers and civil servants

We work with policy-makers in local, state, and national government agencies to direct investment, deliver priorities, assess outcomes, and drive systems change.
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Non-profits NGOs and service providers

Leaders of non-profits, NGOs, and service providers

We enable improved outcomes through partnerships with global and local civil society organisations, social service agencies, and health care providers.
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Evidence intermediaries

Leaders of evidence intermediaries

We support "What Works" centres, evidence brokers, and evidence repositories to generate and translate the best available evidence.
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Philanthropy and impact investors

Donors and impact investors

We support individuals, networks, and institutions to deploy impact capital that maximises benefits for people and communities.
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Leaders of universities and research bodies

We partner with academic and research institutions to build the research base and cultivate the next generation of evidence professionals.
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