Systems change support

Systems change is complex and challenging. Implementation science can help.

CEI's team members know from our own experience in reform efforts that system transformation is difficult. Changes in complex systems may not deliver improved outcomes for those accessing programs and services, and change can be slow with uneven results. Mis-implementation (when things that work don’t get taken up – or things that don’t work take hold) is common. Implementation science can help: it offers accessible methods and approaches to achieve change that are backed by research evidence.

CEI is a full partner in the reform process: our teams leverage insights from implementation science in our work with partners to guide and support reform efforts in complex systems, enabling change at the local, state, and federal level. Our support may include implementation planning and staging alongside executive teams, training and capacity-building, coaching, and actively facilitating change alongside implementation teams.

CEI teams bring implementation science tools and approaches, deep experience in active implementation support, and a candid, pragmatic, flexible, and empathetic approach that helps to engender trust and enable lasting change.