CEI Nordic project puts kids first

Woman blowing bubbles with young child

Opened in late 2022, CEI's Nordic office is leading the Kids first! project, funded by Kavli Trust. This innovative work supports communities in Norway to systematise and embed locally relevant approaches that better support children, so they can grow into robust adults.

Taking a long-term view and anchored in global and national research, Kids first! is about recognising children's strengths and needs and prioritising local efforts to detect and deal with challenges earlier.

The Norwegian association of local and regional authorities, KS, recently published an article on Kids first! (in English).

"It is essential to highlight the important role of the municipality and the local communities," CEI Nordic Director, Professor Arild Bjørndal, tells the news service of the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS), when recently interviewed.

"No one lives in our specialist services. It's in the community our children live, and that's where they're formed and where it can get better."

"A good childhood is the best foundation for a good life."

READ THE FULL ARTICLE on the KS website (in English)