Alwin Chong

Research Associate

Associate Professor Alwin Chong is a Wakamin descendent from Far North Queensland, a respected Aboriginal leader and well known nationally for his advocacy and dedication to raising issues about Aboriginal health and health research. With over 40 years of experience, he is committed to researching, understanding, intervening and advocating for healthier Aboriginal communities. Alwin was the Lead Chief Investigator for the first Clinical Centre of Research Excellence (CCRE) in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, and program leader for the Healthy Communities Program for the Lowitja Institute Cooperative Research Centre providing research, training for Indigenous health researchers, and developing innovative approaches to health care applied to support communities. He has also provided cultural and content expertise to health and social services reform for multiple states and territories and nationally. A recognised expert in ethical research with Aboriginal peoples, he has supported policy reform in Aboriginal health, including the establishment of Aboriginal community-controlled health services and peak bodies, and through Ministerial appointments to committees relating to child death review, Aboriginal health, child protection, and research ethics. Alwin has extensive networks with Aboriginal leaders, academics, policy makers, award-winning researchers, and communities.