Janell Kwok PhD


Janell holds a PhD in Psychology (Developmental Science) from the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom; as part of her doctoral training, she was hired as a Marie Curie Early-Stage Researcher funded by the European Commission to form international research networks. She also has a Master of Science in Clinical Neuropsychology (cum laude) from Leiden University, the Netherlands, and a Bachelor of Arts, double majoring in Psychology and Communication (magna cum laude) from the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, United States of America.

Janell Kwok is a researcher with expertise in child development and clinical neuropsychology. She has over a decade of experience in psychological and clinical research in academic and healthcare sectors worldwide. Janell held roles in tertiary institutions which include international project management, curriculum development consultancy, and lecturing. Her additional experience includes planning and conducting workshops and focus groups, neurocognitive assessments across lifespan, and questionnaire development. She is well-versed in employing both quantitative and qualitative methods on data for best practice. As a Marie Curie research fellow, she has published in peer-reviewed psychological and medical journals. Janell’s interests lie in fostering strong multidisciplinary collaboration across sectors to enhance the practice of implementation and evaluation in healthcare, education, and family sectors.