Karla Lopez PhD

Senior Advisor
Karla Lopez

Karla is an experienced Forensic Psychologist with a specific interest in the implementation of evidence-based practice in all facets of community wellbeing and safety initiatives. For over 20 years, primarily in the public service, she has held strategic, therapeutic, program development and risk management roles pertaining to a range of complex client groups coming into contact with the criminal justice system. She has a strong track record of research, service co-design and implementation evidenced by her extensive work over the last decade to enhance police risk assessment practice in the areas of offender monitoring, crime prevention and covert policing. She is an experienced and dynamic trainer and workshop designer committed to supporting practitioners to use research evidence in practice through mentoring and coaching.

In her role as Senior Advisor with CEI, Karla is responsible for leading a diverse portfolio of program development, implementation and evaluation projects focused on enhancing practice and improving outcomes for vulnerable and high-risk cohorts. She holds a Doctorate in Forensic Psychology from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Honours) from La Trobe University.