Nov 16, 2020

Providing early intervention providers with access to the best-available evidence for practice

Adopting a core components approach within TEI ensures funded programs and services are both evidence-informed and tailored to context

CEI is working with the Targeted Earlier Intervention Program (TEI) team within the New South Wales Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) to develop an evidence infrastructure that enables early intervention providers to access best-available evidence to tailor their services and improve outcomes for children, young people and families. The TEI team is developing an evidence portal, a publicly available website that will better enable DCJ-commissioned services to access and use research evidence in their work.

There are significant challenges involved in strengthening the evidence base across what is a diverse early intervention sector in terms of target clients, settings and practice approaches. CEI is assisting TEI to adopt a core components approach to ensure that funded programs and services are both evidence-informed (containing core practices that are supported by evidence) and tailored to local needs and contexts (containing flexible activities that can be adapted to client group and setting).

We are currently developing technical specifications to guide the process for reviewing and selecting evidence for the Portal and will complete a test of the specifications through an evidence review of child maltreatment prevention interventions to be completed this year.