Feb 25, 2021

Examining the feasibility of implementing the global health education campaign Choosing Wisely™ in Singapore

Evaluating a pilot of a specific Choosing Wisely™ topic with clinicians the first step toward adoption

CEI has embarked on a new project with the Centre for Behavioural and Implementation Science Interventions (BISI) at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (National University of Singapore) to examine the feasibility of implementing the Choosing Wisely™ campaign in Singapore. Choosing Wisely™ is a global health educational campaign initiated to improve the safety and quality of healthcare. It was designed to be a ground-up initiative, led by clinicians for clinicians. The initiative has been implemented in 20 countries to date. The key aim of Choosing Wisely™ is to foster dialogue between clinicians and patients about unnecessary care with a focus on harm prevention and shared decision-making to increase the use of appropriate services and decrease the use of low value care. The campaign identifies over 500 tests and procedures and encourages doctors and patients to discuss, research, and possibly seek second opinions before proceeding with them.

In Phase 1 of this project CEI will be convening an advisory panel of key stakeholders from the clinical, regulatory and policy communities to determine the topic area(s) on which to focus. This first phase also includes an in-depth evaluation and analysis of the feasibility and acceptability of the program in the local context, as well as an examination of the potential barriers and facilitators to implementation. Phases 2 and 3 of the Choosing Wisely project will use a hybrid methodology to implement and evaluate a pilot of a specific Choosing Wisely topic with clinicians.