Mar 11, 2020

Functional rehabilitation innovations in Singapore

Improving participation and capacity through FROM

CEI is supporting Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities Ltd (THK), a leading Social Service Agency in Singapore, to enable the development of the Functional Rehabilitation Outcome Management (FROM) System.

The aim of FROM is to enhance staff competence and job satisfaction in care management and service outcomes for residents in adult disability homes and an adult day centre. FROM is an innovative service delivery model that supports functional rehabilitation for individuals with disabilities, with potential to be adopted nationwide.

CEI delivered an intensive series of nearly 15 training sessions over a three-month period for 35 THK trainers who are championing the project and will go on to train others. The training sessions focused on increasing trainers’ knowledge of disability and on heightening awareness of person-centredness and functional outcomes in service delivery.

To introduce FROM to all the ground staff in the THK Adult Disability Homes and Centre, THK trainers conducted sharing sessions on FROM, supported by CEI. The next phase of work will focus on the pilot implementation of FROM concepts in THK service delivery using a coaching model, thereby enhancing staff competency and enabling positive client and service outcomes.