Jul 2, 2020

Preventing at-risk young people from entering the criminal justice system

Making evidence flexible and adaptable

CEI is working in partnership with Save the Children Australia and the Youth Partnership Project (YPP) to develop an evidence-based practice framework for the Youth Early Intervention project. The aim of this project is to prevent at-risk young people from entering the criminal justice system through delivering holistic support to children and families experiencing complex disadvantage.

This initiative builds on the YPP, which aims to prevent youth offending, and will focus on developing emotional awareness, emotional regulation, and life skills in children with complex needs who are aged 8-11 years old. The YPP Model was piloted within the Armadale area in Perth from 2017 to 2019 and with support from the Paul Ramsay Foundation, a second phase trial will take place in 2020-2021.

CEI will undertake a comprehensive review of the project consulting with practitioners, clients, community groups, schools, and other key stakeholders with a focus on strengthening practice, supporting implementation, and evaluating the effectiveness of both implementation and project outcomes.

CEI will draw on high quality evidence, as well as adaptable and flexible approaches, to tailor the core components of the project, and its implementation, to the local context. CEI will have a key role in improving the effectiveness of practice and scaling up the preventative approach to support critical change for children in other communities of high need across Australia.