Aug 31, 2020

Using implementation science to monitor family violence reforms

CEI’s work will enable the Monitor to deliver rigorous, actionable insights to Parliament and government agencies

A Royal Commission into family violence was established in Victoria in 2015, and the Commission made 227 recommendations for reducing the impact of family violence and improving the safety of women and children. The Victorian government subsequently committed to implement all recommendations with a significant reform program. CEI is now supporting the efforts of those tasked with independently monitoring the progress of these reforms. Our team are working with the Office of the Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor to apply implementation science to their core business. The Monitor is a statutory office that reports annually to the Victorian Parliament and the public, providing an independent perspective on the progress of implementing the family violence reforms.

In 2020, CEI will support the work of the Monitor to review and report on the implementation of some key reform initiatives. To enhance the impact and rigour of their review, CEI will work with the Monitor’s office to apply implementation science concepts, methods and tools to their rapid reviews of these programs in a way that is fit for purpose for these complex reforms. CEI will equip the Monitor’s office to map the implementation process, assess stage of implementation, and to identify and describe the key implementation barriers and enablers using a common evidence-informed framework: the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research. CEI is building the capacity of the Monitor’s office, as well as program implementers across the Victorian government, to continue to use these approaches into the future.

CEI’s work with the Monitor’s office is enabling them to try, test and refine robust implementation science methods, meaning their rapid review findings will be more readily interpreted against a backdrop of international evidence. The approach will enhance the structure and transparency of the implementation reviews, and enable the Monitor to deliver rigorous, actionable insights to Parliament and the government agencies implementing the family violence reforms.