Webinar: Participatory grantmaking – from research to practice

Person taking notes

This free webinar discussed new research into participatory grantmaking – the emerging practice of involving grantees and communities in decision-making on grant allocation.


Commissioned by the Paul Ramsay Foundation and undertaken by CEI, this new and leading research looks at the evidence for participatory grantmaking approaches, how they have been applied in practice, what such approaches can achieve, and recommendations for the sector to advance these approaches.


  • Ms Jo Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Siddle Family Foundation
  • Dr Renee Lim, Director of Program Development, Pam McLean Centre & former Health Grants Advisor, Paul Ramsay Foundation
  • Dr Vanessa Rose, Director, Centre for Evidence and Implementation
  • Ms Maryanna Abdo, Managing Director, Centre for Evidence and Implementation
  • Ms Chloe Ang, Research Assistant, Centre for Evidence and Implementation


  • Introduced participatory grantmaking and the evidence in this area
  • Highlighted recommendations from the research report
  • Discussed practical tips and considerations
  • Explored questions in a panel session chaired by Jo Taylor (Siddle Family Foundation), with dedicated Q&A time

This free webinar was chaired by Philanthropy Australia CEO, Jack Heath, and was presented in partnership with Philanthropy Australia.