Working with NCSS to improve productivity in Singapore's disability services sector

CEI is working with the National Council of Social Services in Singapore (NCSS) to provide consultancy services designed to improve the productivity of therapists in the disability sector, so they can better meet the rising demand for social services in Singapore.

Through the provision of consultancy services, CEI will be a partner of NCSS on “Project Back-to-Basics” - a project designed to promote changes in the way speech therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists work, and the processes they work within, to deliver breakthrough and sustainable improvements to boost the productivity of these therapists in the disability sector.

As Singaporeans live longer lives, including people with disabilities, the demand for social services, including therapy services, is set to increase. However, lengthy training and supervision requirements mean that new therapists are not entering the social service sector at a rate to keep pace with demand.

To address this issue, particularly within the disability sector, The Ministry of Social and Family Development has launched “Therapy Hubs”, which centrally employ a pool of therapists who can be deployed to other organisations on a contractual basis. Despite the inherent benefits of this approach, the shortfall in therapists remains big, leading the NCSS to initiate “Project Back-to-Basics”.

CEI and our collaborators (Banff Cyber Technologies/Cloudsine and several of Singapore’s leading therapist specialist consultants) will provide consultancy services designed to: (i) improve therapists' on- the-job productivity through process improvement, job redesign and technology adoption, and (ii) improve and automate the three therapy hub processes, so that they can better serve other social service organisations for their growing needs of therapists’ services.