Book chapter: A philanthropist's guide to giving

Person taking notes

CEI has contributed our expertise in evaluating philanthropic programs to the newly released book: A Philanthropist's Guide to Giving.

A first-of its-kind ‘toolkit’ of practical insights from Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC), the Guide to Giving distils key lessons from seven years of in-depth engagement with philanthropists across the Asian region. The book presents different approaches to philanthropy, best-in-class models and examples of philanthropic practice, including 31 case-studies from Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Six main areas of focus are addressed in the book, providing a ‘toolkit’ of practical insights from APC’s network of members, experts, and practitioners: (1) Strategising, (2) Structuring, (3) Family,
(4) Executing, (5) Evaluating and (6) Collaborating. CEI's experts contributed to the chapter, "Evaluating: Incorporating evidence for effectiveness."

“The philanthropy sector has grown massively in the six years since CEI launched our Singapore office,” says Managing Director Maryanna Abdo. “We’ve seen strategic and evidence-based philanthropy been embraced across Asia – there is an appetite for excellence, a hunger for innovation, and a positive tendency to share and collaborate.”

“Asia Philanthropy Circle has gathered these threads and key learnings together in this new book, which has relevance for philanthropists across Asia and beyond. We’re really excited to be part
of it.”

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