Synthesis report: Framework for a menu of evidence-informed practices and programs

As part of its response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence, the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services engaged CEI to help increase the use of evidence-informed programs and practices in child and family services through advising on a menu of evidence informed practices and programs. 

The menu supports decision-making by government and service agencies by presenting essential information in simple straightforward formats. As a result, frontline staff and other decision makers across the sector are more able to easily access evidence and apply it in practice and policy to improve outcomes.

CEI provided advice on the design of the menu and supporting processes, including how programs and practices should be identified and assessed. Our report summarised key information from existing menus and resources relating to:

  • Menu boundaries, including purpose, scope and definitions of evidence-informed practice
  • Approach for identifying and submitting practices and programs
  • Assessment and review approach, including decision-making process and menu staff
  • Menu content

CEI also advised on accompanying information that practitioners and decision makers would need to adopt practices and programs. For example, information on the strength of evidence supporting programs and practices; the availability and quality of implementation materials, training, and other support resources; and on associated costs.

The report can be found here.