Tailoring an impact evaluation framework for Yayasan MENDAKI in Singapore

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Yayasan MENDAKI is a Self-Help Group in Singapore set up in 1982 to empower and navigate the Malay/Muslim community towards success, through education and lifelong learning. MENDAKI works closely with various community partners, schools and government agencies to provide holistic support for children, youths and their families through programs that aim to enhance their lifelong educational, developmental and employment outcomes.

In 2020, CEI worked closely with MENDAKI to review and update its evaluation methods. CEI tailored an impact evaluation framework for MENDAKI: “RE:AIM”; this can be used flexibly across its programmes. MENDAKI's senior leaders and program managers also benefitted from the training workshop curated by its research and planning department, organisational development department, and CEI on the application of the evaluation framework for MENDAKI programs. Plans are in place to pilot the use of the evaluation framework in 2021 to evaluate other key MENDAKI programmes such as Kelas MateMatika. MENDAKI piloted the use of the evaluation framework in 2021.