Wellbeing policy and evidence scan for Middle Eastern government agency

Mother and her nine month old baby boy at his first swimming lesson making selfie in the swimming pool. Smiling, enjoying water, making bubbles and looking at camera. Mother is holding him and helping him to swim.

CEI worked with a Middle Eastern government interested in undertaking an overhaul of its wellbeing policy. We conducted this project in partnership with a 'big four' consulting firm.

CEI supported the organisation to look at policy ‘best bets’  for targeted wellbeing outcomes from three geographies (UK, New Zealand and Singapore), conducting a policy mapping and analysis exercise to identify common policies across the geographies as well as undertaking a high-level review of the evidence around 16 priority policy areas. This involved reporting on the policy landscape across the three geographies; providing insights and recommendations based on ‘best bets’, and matching these to known local policy challenges. The analysis also identified areas where policies were relevant to COVID-19. This engagement was part of a major government strategy overhaul.