Book chapter: The What Works Centres - Insights from an evidence movement

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CEI’s Jane Lewis, Dr Eleanor Ott and Dr Robyn Mildon have authored the chapter “Scaling up: taking ‘what works’ to the next level” in a newly released book, The What Works Centres: Insights from an Evidence Movement.

The book shares insights from the UK’s What Works Centres – which apply evidence to improve the design and delivery of public services – highlighting what has been tried, what learned, and what could be done better. There is practical guidance for policymakers and funders looking to establish new centres, and for academics looking to create similar institutions to improve the world around us.

“Our chapter sets out a call for more attention and resources to be devoted to supporting the scaling-up of effective policies, services, practices and programs,” says Jane. “We offer strategies and considerations in scaling – so we can bring useful interventions to greater numbers of people.”

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