Co-designing a practice framework with Emerge to respond to the needs of women and children

young mother with support worker

Emerge Women and Children's Support Network provides crisis accommodation, therapeutic support, and case management for women and children who have experienced family violence. Emerge has a history spanning 43 years, and will be the first refuge in Victoria, Australia to be rebuilt to provide a 24/7 service that includes communal areas for residents, allowing women and children more privacy.

CEI is collaborating with Emerge to co-design a practice framework that guides practitioners and therapists in responding to the needs of women and children who have experienced family violence. CEI is using co-design approach that draws on evidence-informed practice elements and brings this together with the knowledge and expertise of the Emerge team, in order to develop a practice framework that is fit for purpose and able to respond to women and children's needs. Engagement and collaboration with Emerge staff and consumers are fundamental to this co-design process and key in capturing the knowledge and experience of the team as well as the values of the organisation. We are excited to be sharing our knowledge and expertise in the development of a framework that is evidence-informed and uniquely describes and captures the ‘Emerge way'.