Improving cross-sector system responses to family violence with Family Safety Victoria

Worried mom takes ill daughter to free clinic

CEI worked with Family Safety Victoria to review the initial implementation of the Family Violence Child Protection Partnership.

The Royal Commission into Family Violence (RCFV) found serious limitations with the way Victorian authorities and services responded to family violence. In 2016, as part of the Victorian Government's system wide RCFV reforms, the Victorian Government introduced a 5-year partnership between child protection and family violence services to improve the way child protection and specialist family violence services work together to respond to children and families experiencing family violence.

Following the initial implementation of the Partnership, CEI designed and conducted a mixed-methods study, drawing on data from focus groups, consultations, survey and case studies, to investigate how the Partnership had evolved during early implementation and to assess the Partnership's progress in achieving its system and practice reform objectives. Findings and recommendations from this evaluation were used to inform the rollout of the Partnership across Victoria.