Report: Evaluation of UNICEF models for scale-up potential in Serbia 2016-2020

Between 2016 and 2020, UNICEF initiated or continued to develop several 'models' in the areas of health, child protection, education and adolescent wellbeing. Modelling in this context means piloting an intervention in new contexts to demonstrate its replicability and effectiveness. Alongside our partner, SeConS Development Group Initiative, CEI evaluated UNICEF’s modelling activity to support them in their work to test and scale-up. In our report, our team provides recommendations for UNICEF to strengthen its work and prepare its models for scale-up.

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Lewis J., Steele T., Kembhavi-Tam G., Mildon R., Obradovic J., Vuković O., Babović M., & Žarković J. 2020. Evaluation of Models for Scale-up Potential in Serbia 2016-2020. Final Report. UNICEF, Serbia