Understanding the early years landscape across Southeast Asia with Asia Philanthropy Circle

Little boy working on a puzzle

CEI is currently conducting a regional landscape study to review parenting and early childhood programs and interventions for children aged 0 - 6 and their families. The study is focused on China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore.

The landscape study aims to map the most significant parenting and early childhood programs and interventions that are currently being implemented in each country and, where possible, the delivery costs of these programs. In addition, the study will identify what is known about the effectiveness of these programs through the examination of local, well-designed evaluations. Lastly, the study will also map out the major elements of early childhood policy in each country.

Primarily, the target audience for the landscape study are policymakers and early childhood stakeholders within each country. The report will allow for stakeholders to have a clearer and more in-depth understanding of the breadth of the early childhood landscape, gaps in policy, and some information related to the cost and effectiveness of existing programs. It will also add to in-country research to inform policy and program development.

At the same time, the report will allow philanthropic funders and organisations to understand the early childhood development (ECD) sector in each country, to guide their work and to inform their own analysis of where to make crucial sector investments.

The study is coordinated by the Asia Philanthropy Circle and funded by a consortium of APC members and the NUS Centre for Holistic Initiatives for Learning and Development (CHILD).